Escola Estel


Escola Estel is located in the city centre of Sabadell. It is a city located 20 Km to the north  of Barcelona, in the Autonomous community of Catalonia, in the North East of Spain.  It is a partially-funded, semi-private and secular institution coordinated by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia. It has 333 students and 25 teachers. It is a small school that covers compulsory education from pre-school (ages 3-6), primary school (ages 6-12) and secondary school (ages 12-16).

The school is always willing to take part in intercultural projects. Currently, the school is participating in international school projects using the eTwinning platform as well as the Erasmus + project.  Our school gives a high priority to the English language. We teach CLIL through Science and Arts and Crafts in primary education. This project will help us to increase the use of English throughout the school and will also enable students to effectively communicate with others when visiting different countries. We also believe that speaking skills are very important in the process of learning another language and hence, for the second year in a row, the school has employed a native English teacher to help develop the students’ oral skills.

Escola Estel is always eager to try new methods of teaching, implement different methodologies and to give students a wide range of opportunities to achieve their goals. We have implemented the cooperative work methodology in the school. Additionally, arts and crafts and technology are key subjects in the school. In primary school, students from 1st to 6th grade have started doing a ´Do It Yourself (DYO)´ subject in English. They learn different techniques; such as knitting, sewing or stitching through the creation of different and exciting projects. They also work cooperatively in teams. In secondary, technology has implemented an innovative approach in which students are offered the choice of following workshops: robotics, cookery, mobile apps, image and video edition and marquetry.

Music and scenic arts are also important in the school. Each year students in year 6 (primary) participate in a concert called “Cantania” which takes place in the Auditorium of Barcelona.  Around 3,000 students from various Catalan schools participate in this big event in which everyone comes together to sing. At the end of the course the pupils organize and participate in “The School Festival”, where they engage with different artistic disciplines such as dancing, choreography, acting, acrobatics, magic, etc. Each year the parents look forward to this exciting event.

This cooperation Erasmus+ project is a fantastic opportunity for the students to widen their horizons and to allow them to become more aware of the similarities they share with other countries and cultures. At the same time they will learn about the differences amongst them and in turn will learn to be more tolerant and respectful to other cultures, religions and races.

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