The Project


The main purpose of the project is for the pupils to have a first encounter with Entrepreneurship :to understand what it means and to accept it as a school subject.They will create their own business,they will think of the product they wish to create,they will be involved in the advertising process as well as in the promotion and the selling of it.This way,they will acquire practical skills useful in their later adult life.

Work process

We have already been working with the schools we would like to have as e-twinning partners,on an Erasmus+ project.Each one of us is in charge of a different part of it.In this e-twinning project we will all be equally responsible for uploading the photos, the information and the product that we create throughout the project.We will also use the Twinspace we wish to be given,in our Erasmus project.Our pupils will use this Twinspace to communicate with the pupils of the partners’schools,to exchange information,to share experiences and to upload their work-under the supervision of their teachers.This communication will be held as often as the whole procedure demands.

Expected results

Through this project our pupils will familiarize with the term’Entrepreneurship’.Their involvement in the various activities will motivate them to develop their skills in foreign languages and ICT,to develop their social skills,to gain self-confidence and to improve their creativity.All the above are considered to be important skills very useful later in thei life.