3rd Transnational meeting_Xanthi

This last meeting was aimed to close the project, evaluate it, clarify aspects of the Final Report and also to learn a bit more about the Greek culture . There were 8 teachers attending the meeting: two from Ireland, 2 from Italy, 2 from Bulgaria and 2 from Spain. During the 3 days-stay in Xanthi, the host school showed great hospitality during our stay there, making a big effort to make everybody feel welcome. The school offered a Welcome and Farewell ceremonies with music and dances, where not only children but also parents participated. Being in the school of Xanthi proved to be a great experience for their children, especially because they didn’t participate in the mobilites. On the first day in Xanthi, we enjoyed of the visit of the Greek island of Thassos, where we visited some interesting cultural sites and its beautiful beaches and landscape. During the two other days we held different meetings  where different topics were discussed. Greek teachers showed the new visitors their school, classes and we shared similarities and differences amongour school systems, cultural aspects, social aspects, etc.

1. Final Activities: we talked about the shared Padlet walls with the children’s conclusions. All the schools had brought the scrapbook pages scanned and we made a video putting them all in common, as the scrapbook is the final product from the association.

2. Dissemination: we talked about the importance of taking the Statistics from the schools’ websites, Facebook, Instagram, and from the project website so we would have them for the report. Some ideas came out regarding the dissemination of the 2 years-project among the schools communities and we decided that we would do a meeting with the students’ parents in order to explain everything done during the project. 

3. Sustainability of the project: we shared ideas and thoughts about how to keep the project alive in the future. Some suggestions mentioned were:

  • Students can share what they have learnt with the other students of the school, parents, etc. 
  • The Erasmus students can continue chatting and keeping in touch. Even some of them would like to meet again. 
  • Teachers have improved their teaching skills after these 2 years project, so they can used what they learned and keep using these new methodologies or resources. 
  • Everybody who has participated has improved his/her English, cultural skills and life skills. 
  • We reminded that the website would be kept open for at least one more year, and the coordinating school offered to keep on paying for its fees.

4. Mobility tool: Marta, the coordinator, explained the aims of the Final Report to be submitted by the 31st October and what are the responsabilities from each partner. There is a document on Drive where Marta suggested every school could write their part, and share it with everybody.  I reminded every partner that the report has to be consistent and coherent between each others.

5. Platform of results: Marta, the coordinator, clarified the use and what is the purpose of this platform and made sure all partners had the material from their schools on drive

6. There was some time for the partners to work on their reports, check material and also work on their Mobility tool reports. The coordinator clarified any questions or concerns from the partners.

During the free time, the Greek teachers showed the international teachers around Xanthi and offered meals where we could taste the Greek gastronomy. This last meeting was a nice opportunity to see the bonds we created during these 2 years of the project. It was the perfect farewell for all the partners. 

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