5 th Mobility Ireland

The fifth mobility took place in Killarney, Ireland, from 7th to 12th April 2019. Teachers from Bulgaria, Italy, Greece and Spain have taken part in it. There were students from Bulgaria, Italy and Spain (13 children in total). The students have been hosted by families from Fossa National School. The families have been very kind and nice and the students have felt like at home. It has been an absolutely amazing stay and we all have had a great time in Killarney.
Fossa school has organised very interesting activities both for the teachers and for the students: some of them were related to the project “The 4 Ps of the Marketing”, others were intended to show us the wonderful region around Killarney.
Most activities were carried out in the morning and in the early afternoon so that the students had the opportunity to share free time with their hosting families and the teachers could spend some time together learning about Irish culture and food.
On Monday morning we all attended a very beautiful welcome ceremony prepared by the teachers and the students of Fossa National School..They sang Irish songs and danced traditional dances, involving visiting students and teachers. After that, the Erasmus teachers had a meeting concerning the project while Erasmus students took part in the lessons at school. Then we had a tour of Fossa school and in each class students and teachers welcomed us with songs, plays, music, poems, questions both in English and Gaelic. After school all the Erasmus students stayed with their host families. The Erasmus teachers spent the evening with the Irish colleagues.
On Tuesday morning we visited Inisfallen, the largest island of Killarney lakes. From Ross Castle we went on a motor boat trip to the island and we saw the extensive ruins of an ancient monastery. We went for a walk around the island with a guide who showed us the different flora, fauna and landscape and then we had a picnic. After that we went back by boat to Killarney Golf Club and we walked to school passing through a beautiful park. In the evening the students went to the cinema with Michael, a very nice Irish teacher while all the other teachers had dinner together.
On Wednesday there was a beautiful coach trip for students and teachers to Dingle and Slea Head. We had the opportunity to travel around the western peninsula of Kerry and to see Inch Beach, a beautiful sandy beach on the Atlantic Ocean, Slea Head, the most western part of Ireland, Slea Head beach, where we had a picnic, the town of Dingle. On the way we have stopped at the Beehive Huts, where we have seen very ancient houses built in a curious cone-shape, and we have enjoyed a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean across to the Skellig Islands. In the afternoon the students visited the Dingle Aquarium and they saw a large variety of fish and marine fauna, such as sharks, sea turtles, morays. After that we went for a walk around Dingle and we all bought souvenirs and handicrafts.
On Thursday morning there was the presentation of the videos in the School Library. Every country had prepared a video about the two years of the Erasmus project. In the videos there were photos, interviews, comments, memories of all students and teachers who had taken part in the previous activities and mobilities. Then the teachers had a meeting where they discussed about the work to be done for the last meeting in Greece. In the meanwhile the students attended lessons in the classrooms, preparing the afterschool market sales and doing sports. Just before lunch there was an Irish baking workshop, where a very nice teacher from Fossa School taught us how to bake delicious cup cakes. After lunch teachers and students prepared the stalls for the sales fair. The fair was in the school playground at the time of children collection. The students were all very helpful. The sales fair began just after school and it was a great success: parents and children bought all the products and in a very short time everything was sold out.
Then students went home with their host families. In the afternoon they went shopping, did sports, went to ceremonies with the families. The teachers spent the evening together at an Irish show with traditional dancing, singing and music. It was an amazing experience.
Friday was the last day of the mobility so Fossa National School had prepared a farewell ceremony in the School Hall. The hosting students sang, danced and played for us. Since it was the last school day before Easter holiday, there was a very nice Easter Bunny hats parade from the children of infant school and the draw for the Easter raffle. Erasmus teachers and students greeted and thanked Irish hosts for their great hospitality. Students had been so happy and at their ease that they did not want to leave their new friends.
After the ceremony there was the final teachers’ meeting. We made arrangements for the transnational meeting in Greece next June, awarded the certificates and exchanged opinions about the stay in Ireland. Everyone agreed on the fact that it had been very useful for improving the English knowledge of our students.
Then we said goodbye and left for our countries.
The five days in Killarney have been not only a chance to work on the project but also to appreciate each partner’s commitment and involvement to the project. It has been a pleasure for all the Erasmus participants to enjoy the Irish hospitality. The students have been enthusiastic to work together, to take part in the various events, activities, trips, sport, workshops, sales fair. The teachers were happy to exchange information and to learn about Ireland. The weather was merciful this time and we have fully enjoyed the stay. It was an unforgettable experience for everyone.

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