4th Mobility in Spain

Erasmus 5


The 4th mobility took place in Sabadell, Spain.All the countries participated in it: teachers from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy and Ireland and students from Bulgaria, Italy and Ireland. The Spanish school Escola Estel were the hosts and they did their best to make all the participants feel welcome and at home. The Bulgarian, Italian and Irish students were hosted by families from Escola Estel who showed them warmth and hospitality.Escola Estel organized various activities for both the teachers and the students.Some of them aimed at working on the project and some of them aimed at the entertainment of the participants.

On Monday morning we all attended a very beautiful welcome ceremony prepared by the teachers and the students of the hosting school .They sang songs and danced traditional dances.The ceremony took place in the school’s playground.After that,the Erasmus teachers had a meeting concerning the project and the Erasmus students took part in a workshop on sales.After lunch,all the Erasmus participants took part in a Scavenger hunt around Sabadell which they enjoyed a lot.

On the second day of the mobility,we started with the presentation of each country’s Advertising campaign.Then,the students took part in a workshop in the DIY room where they tried to make espantriyias,the main product of the Spanish company.We,the teachers,worked on the project and early in the afternoon we left for Terassa, a beautiful town near Sabadell.In Terassa,we had a picnic in a park and then a guided visit of the Science Museum. That way we had the chance to learn some very interesting things about how factories used to work in the past.

On Wednesday morning,the teachers had a meeting on the project and the students had another workshop where they tried to actually sell their products.

In the afternoon a bus took us all to Barcelona to visit Parc Guell where we spent some time walking around and admiring the beauty of the place.

Early on Thursday morning,we left by bus to visit one of Barcelona’s most famous landmarks:Camp Nou Stadium and its museum.We all enjoyed the visit-especially the students.After spending quite some time there we left for Parc de la Ciutadella where we had a picnic and then we took the train to go back to Sabadell.

Friday was the last day of the mobility so Escola Estel had prepared a farewell and certificates ceremony.The hosting students sang for us and both Erasmus teachers and students danced a traditional dance we had been taught during our stay in the school.Things got emotional especially among students who didn’t want to leave their new friends.

During the 5 days in Sabadell,we not only had the chance to work on the project and solve problems that had come up but also to appreciate each partner’s commitment and involvement to the project.

We all left  feeling  satisfied and feeling that our “mission” in Sabadell was accomplished!!

Our programme was as follows:

MONDAY, 4th February

8.30am: Collection of Staff from Hotel

9.00am: Staff welcome

9.30am: Welcome presentation

10.00am: Tour of school

10.45-11.00: Coffee break

11.15 – 12.20: Classroom visits

12.00 – 13.00pm: Workshop in the school

13.00 –15.00pm: Free time in the Playground and lunch in the school

15.00-17.00:Scavenger hunt around Sabadell

18.40-Collection of children


20.00:Dinner for teachers

TUESDAY: 5th February

8.30-09.00-Teachers and students arrival in the school

9.00am: Presentation of the “Advertising Campaign”

10.00:Coffee break

10.30-12.00:students workshop in DIY room

Teachers meeting on the project

12.00:Departure to Terassa

13.00-15.00:Picnic lunch in the park

15.00:17.00:Guided visit of the Science Museum of Terassa

17.0:Departure to Sabadell

17.30:Collection of children

18.00-20.00:Free time


WEDNESDAY: 6th February

8..30-09.00: Teachers and students arrival in the school

9.00-11.00: Meeting for teachers,workshop for students

11.00-11.30:Coffee break

11.30-13.00:Meeting for teachers,games for students

13.00 –15.00: Lunch in the school and free time in the playground

15.00-18.00:Visit to Parc Guell in Barcelona

19.00:Collection of children

19.00-20.30:Free time

20.30:Dinner for teachers

Erasmus 4


THURSDAY, 7th February

8.30: Departure to Barcelona by coach


10.00-11.30-Visit of the museum and Camp Nou Stadium

11.30:Departure to “Parc de la Ciutadella”

12.00-17.00-Picnic lunch in the Parc,visit of BCN,Gothic area and La Rambla

17.00:Return to Sabadell by train

18.00:Collection of children in Sabadell

18.00-20.00-Free time

20.00-Dinner for teachers

Erasmus 2

FRIDAY, 8th February

8.30- 9.00:Teachers and students arrival in the school

09.30-10.30:Farewell and certificates ceremony

10.30-11.00:Coffee break

11.00-Departure to the airport for Greeks and Italians-free time for the other groups

14.00-15.00-Lunch in the school(Bulgarians and Irish)


19.00-Departure to the Airport(Bulgarians)

Erasmus 1

SATURDAY,9th February

Irish departure to the airport



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