3rd Mobility in Italy

3rd Mobility: Italy: 21st-26th October 2018

This third mobility took place in Italy and all the countries participated in it: teachers from Greece, Bulgaria, Spain and Ireland attended the mobility. Also, children from Bulgaria, Spain and Ireland enjoyed of this exciting trip. The Italian school “Instituto Comprensivo di Ripi” was the hosting school, which embraces two different villages; Ripi and Torrice. Thus, the activities being carried out took place in both towns; the secondary school in Ripi and the secondary school in Torrice. This was very interesting because the participants had the opportunity not to see only one school, but two different schools, although they share the same direction and objectives.

Instituto Comprensivo di Ripi has a great focus on arts and music so they delighted the Erasmus+ team with outstanding Welcome and Farewell Ceremonies where their school orchestras played traditional songs, sang and danced traditional Italian dances. To mention that all the Italian staff and families were very enthusiastic, helpful and committed to the project.

During the 5 days in Ripi and Torrice, we did a varied number of activities; some related to the project, some aimed to learn about the area, and their customs and others were focused to see teaching methodologies implemented in the Italian school. The activities took place in different locations, the schools of Ripi and Torrice, Frostinone, Cassino, Rome and other neighbourhood towns. There were activities carried out in the morning and in the afternoon. At midday, students had the opportunity to share lunch with their hosting families and teachers shared it with the Italian staff. In the evenings, the Erasmus participants went back with their host families and teachers spent some time together tasting the delicious Italian cuisine.

Regarding the activities done during the mobility, they were varied and interesting. The welcome ceremony on the first day was in Ripi, then we visited the local Science Museum, the Montecassino abbey and we stopped for a delicious ice-cream on our way back to Ripi. On the second day, the secondary school of Ripi gave us a beautiful welcome with traditional dances and then we departured to Frosinone, where we visited its football stadium and its Art Academy. There, they showed us their art pieces and we were given a lecture on photography. On Wednesday, we visited Rome and Il Vaticano city, were we attended a reception by the Pope. In Rome, a tourist guide guided us along the main touristic sites of this magnificent city full of history.

On Thursday, the students presented their products to each other and a lecturer from Frosinone Art Academy came and did a shooting workshop in the school of Ripi. In the afternoon, the students of Ripi gave us a tour around their village. On the last day, on Friday, there was a farewell and certificates ceremony in Torrice. Primary, secondary pupils and teachers sang and played songs with the school orchestra; it was an outstanding concert and the perfect farewell. The hosting families watched also the Erasmus participants go.

It was a pleasure for all the Erasmus participants to spend 6 days in Italy, enjoying of the local hospitality if Ripi and Torrice.


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