Bulgarian Mobility

The trip to Bulgaria took place between the 15th and the 20th of April 2018. It was a very enjoyable experience for all. It allowed teachers and children alike to sample the beautiful culture of Vratsa and Bulgaria, to further the work on the project 4 P’s of Marketing by Young Entrepreneurs and to view educational practices in Bulgaria. On this trip, four children came from each of the different countries. In all, there were 12 visiting children.

The main element of marketing which was considered in this trip was the product. This was facilitated by a lecture from a Bulgarian marketing professional which included a practical case study. The children also created posters discussing the different marketing concepts. This was especially nice as children from different countries worked together to create a poster with the various different languages of the BIGSI team. There was lots of opportunity for children to collaborate during the week.  Chief amongst them the sharing of posters on the children’s home town which were created before the trip, this allowed the children to share stories and information about their home town. There were also great events for the children which included sport on the sports field, swimming in the swimming pool, an amazing welcome on the first day, pottery making in the local museum of ethnography and traditional Bulgarian dancing in the school hall. The children really took a lot from these opportunities.

The excursions for the teachers and students were very enjoyable. The touristic highlights of Vratsa were really shown off. The beautiful view of Vratsa from the mountain which overlooked the town, the St. Sofronii Vrachanski Cathedral two beautiful, the Ledenika caves and Vratsa’s old town will all live long in the memory for those present. The day trip to Sofia was beautiful also. It was excellently organised and was a brilliant opportunity to see Bulgaria’s capital city and learn about its history.

Through the various meetings, a breadth of topics were discussed by the teachers present:

1-            Activities to do in Bulgaria: Planning for children and for the teachers, teachers’ meetings, payments for the activities

2-            Ongoing Activities: checklist the project activities already done, pending to do, further activities, careful analysis of the problems and difficulties facing.

3-            BIGSI Webpage: when disseminating it, sharing responsibilities.

4-            Twinspace

5-            Further transnational meeting: Spain (Dates, accommodation, etc.)

6-            Evaluation of the Mobility in Bulgaria– by the Bulgarian

  1. Questionnaire for the teachers
  2. Questionnaire for the students

These will be continued upon in the transnational to Spain.

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