1st Transnational meeting Xanthi




On November 7th 2017 teachers from Bulgaria, Ireland, Italy and Spain meet for the first transnational meeting at Xanthi 4th Primary School. Most of the time the teachers are involved in making arrangements for the project. First of all each partner shows a presentation their school before discussing the topics of the meeting.  They create a timetable for all the activities, focusing especially on those to be carried out during the first year.  Agreements are reached on how to set up the project website (called BIGSI, as for Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Spain, Ireland).  The Project Twinspace is introduced and a training session is held.  The partners exchange letters written by the students and it is decided that they will also prepare Christmas cards to be sent to each partner.  Arrangements are made regarding the mobilities which will take place in Ireland (February 2018) and in Bulgaria (April 2018).

The teachers and children of the Greek school greet their guests with a wonderful ceremony where school choir sings a traditional song.  When the teachers visited the classes, the students in Xanthi 4th Primary School were so enthusiastic and were anxious to communicate with the visitors showing their friendship and kind welcome.  On the last day the students dance  traditional Greek dances. Everything is very well organised and it is such a pleasant experience for the visiting teachers.

The Greek friends have arranged a guided visit to the Old Town and sightseeing in the neighbourhood.

The Mayor of Xanthi is also very kind to welcome all the teachers in his office at the Town Hall and shows his utmost appreciation for the project.


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