1st Mobility in Ireland

26th February – 2nd March (4th March). The first mobility with children has been in Killarney, Ireland. It has been absolutely amazing: we’ve felt so welcome and all the participants; teachers and students- have had a great time there. The Irish has showed a big hospitality and warmth. The children from Italy, Bulgaria and Spain have been hosted by lovely families from Fossa school who have made them feel like at home. Fossa school has organised interesting activities to do during our stay there: some aimed to work towards the project “The 4 Ps of the Marketing Mix” whereas others were intended to enjoy of the wonderful nature surrounding Killarney.

The weather conditions have also taken an important part of this first mobility. The adventure of travelling to another country has become even greater when the “Beast from the East” has reached Ireland, making all the participant countries from abroad stay for two days longer. Because all the flights were cancelled due to the snow, the Bulgarians, the Italians, the Greeks and the Spanish have had to stay until the 4th of March. Nevertheless, children have had fun playing with the snow with their host families and teachers have been able to work a little bit more and also to get to know Killarney and the Irish culture deeper.

Among the many interesting activities that Fossa school planned, the highlights of the trip have probably been the riding excursion and visit to the Muckross castle and house, the climbing of the Torc Mountain and its beautiful views from the top of it, as well as the Torc waterfalls.  The children have also made traditional Irish bread, have presented their products to each other and have visited the Liebherr factory and the local Football team, which children have enjoyed so much.

Here is the Planning and timetable of the activities carried out in Killarney:

MONDAY, 26th February

8.45am: Collection of Staff from Hotels and Cottages

9.00am: Staff welcome

9.30am: Welcome presentation

10.00am: Tour of school

10.45-11.00: Break

11.15 – 12.20: Classroom visits

12.30 – 1.00pm: Break

1.00 – 2.30pm: Meeting in Library

Letter swap/logo/Itinerary for week: 3.00 – 5.00pm

Cycle tour of Killarney leaving Fossa N.S.

5.00pm: Downtime

7.30pm: Dinner (teachers)

TUESDAY: 27th February

8.45am: Collection of Staff from Hotels and Cottages

9.00am: Pupils’ Presentations in library from Greece, Italy, Spain and Bulgaria.

5th & 6th class presentation

12.30: Lunch

1.00: Liebherr Factory. Tour of Killarney’s biggest factory employing in excess of 700 people. Here we can view design, production, marketing and sales departments

15.00: Football games 5th/6h and Erasmus students in School Facility

18.00: Visit to Kerry Football academy & view training session

8.00: Dinner (teachers)

WEDNESDAY: 28th February

8.45am: Collection

9.00am: Meeting  ; Focus on Design Production

Progress of project  – Twinspace maintenance etc

10.00: Tour of Muckross House and Torc Waterfall

13.00 – 13.30pm: Lunch

13.30-14.30: Local business person appraises presentation of each product

15.00-18.30: Climbing Torc Mountain.

18.00- 19.30: Down time

20.00: Dinner (teachers)

THURSDAY, 1st March

8.45am: Collection of Staff from Hotels and Cottages

9.00am: Recap on what the children have learned. Elicit what the children have learned and decide on a future work plan for the students in all countries

11.00: Break

11.15: Planning our trip to Bulgaria

12.00: Lunch

12.30: Collect bikes in Killarney

13.30: Tour to Lord Brandon’s Cottage on a boat across the Lakes of Killarney. Cycle to Kate Kearney’s Cottage through the famous Gap of Dunloe. Cycle back to Killarney.

18.00: Downtime

19.30: Dinner (teachers)

FRIDAY, 2nd March

8.45am: Collection of Staff from Hotels and Cottages

9.00am: Evaluation Meeting, Discussion on unattended items

11.00am: Break

11.15- 12.00pm: Closing Ceremony

12.00: Lunch

12.30: Home


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